TFT Update – January

The issue I described as “blue tint” turns out to have been a fault in my test system. I built another revision of the PCB including pads for capacitors, and it would seem I only needed to place a cap on the clock line to resolve the remaining signal integrity issues.

Current Status

  • Full VGA Clock (25.175MHz) without any pixel errors / artifacts
  • Full brightness control via the contrast keys
  • Less than 100µA draw on the 10.5V inverter supply while display is off.
  • All electrical load is on the inverter supply wires and not the fpc.
  • 250mA fuse to reduce risk of blowing the internal 650mA fuse in any unexpected failure modes.
  • Using the Hitachi transceivers maintains same electrical interface to the CT65535 as the OEM display. This may be an overkill step but it is working well so I am sticking with it.

Next Steps

  • Further verify there are no pixel errors at the higher clock speed.
  • Revise the PCB to simplify assembly and clean it up.
  • Update the 3d model for the new bezel to accommodate the new PCB.

Current Revision

5 thoughts on “TFT Update – January

  1. Hi

    You’re doing some amazing work! As an avid PC110 fan with a perfect example but with a unusable screen I’m really wowed by your work. Have you considered getting to a stage where you’re able to sell the kits? I think you’d be doing the community a service as well as funding future projects!

    All the best, from the UK!


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