PC110 Brightness 2

Here is an idea (I had early on and remembered today), whereby if you change the brightness quickly multiple times within 2 seconds, it enters into a “custom” brightness mode. I flash the display 3 times to let you know that this mode has been entered.

A reminder why this could be useful. The PC110 allows three brightness levels, but only two when on battery power. So this would be way to access everything from the minimum 1% to the maximum 100% even while on battery power, if you are not satisfied with the default levels.

I will update the program to have a timer so the brightness of the display does not actually change until no key has been pressed for maybe half a second to avoid the display changing brightness while you are trying to enter “custom” mode.

I still need to take some measurements on current consumption vs light output to decide what the ideal low/medium/high values should be, and what “custom” levels should be included.

Power Default LevelsmilliWattsLuminosity
High (A/C Power Only)100%1670
Custom Levels

I obtained the above power measurements by powering the PC110 from a bench power supply at 10.5VDC. The baseline power consumption was 4000mW with no battery installed and the screen electronics energized but the backlight off. With full backlight on the total consumption was 5600mW.

By comparison the OEM display consumption is 1418mW at low, 1733mW at medium and 2205mW at high.

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