Bezel Prototype 2

This is revision 2 of the bezel. It fits quite well, there are some additional changes I would like to make in relation to the fitment. The top might look slightly loose as I did not put in the metal plate for the upper latch as the hole is slightly misaligned and I need to fix it.

I am currently using an additional blank PCB and pieces of a PCB as retention clips for the display, while I decide if I should make a single retention piece that attaches to all of the standoffs to add rigidity, or just make small tabs.

As well the latest version of the PCB that is due to arrive later this week slightly moves the position of the connector to make the 30pin ribbon came lay more naturally without any tension when the back cover is on, although even how it is now is no issue. In fact I hope I have not moved it too far as this feels good compared to when I had the PCB hot glued into place on the previous hand modified prototype “1.5”.

I will also paint the interior of the bezel under the PCB with conductive paint to shield emitting noise.

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