PC110 Keyboard Light

As is customary with all my hobby projects, completion is illegal, so I look for improvements and additions.

Unable to fall asleep, I decided to take a break from scrolling twitter and play on the PC110. This is when I realized, of course, the keyboard is not illuminated and I could not type. So I wondered, can I integrate a light onto the lid as I have had on previous thinkpads.

The screen actually looks good. You can see the uneven backlight because I have it turned up quite high, showing an all black screen, in a dark room.

I have the shielding tape because the unpainted plastic was getting illuminated by the light as well from behind. If I move ahead with this, it will most likely have to go on the corner as space is very tight in the middle due to the latch.

I played with placing it other places further down near the keyboard, and while that can work it it would be difficult to conceal.

As I mentioned in my video, it is currently blue as I burned out the only white 0603 LED I had on hand, but I lots of red and blue from a previous project.

I will also thing is a nicer way to control the brightness of the display and toggle of the keyboard light, make sure i am making the best use of the limited options.

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