I got the AT050TN22 V.1 in the mail finally from Aliexpress. I wanted to do some testing straight away so I quickly put together an adapter board for the 30pin to 50pin. I only connected the MSB for the colours as my main immediate concern is timing.

Downside of this unit vs the WVGA unit is we need to provide the voltages to drive the tft externally VCOM, VGH(+15V),VHL(-10V),AVDD, etc. This will need to be integrated into the adapter board, along with the +10V for the backlight which ideally will be powered and controlled by the inverter supply to maintain Fn- control of the brightness/contrast (vcom a/c)

I am currently playing with a TI TPS65100 for voltages, however most likely will implement something similar using passives if I can learn enough to cobble together something.

For timing in my initial tests I seemed to need to meet a minimum pixel clock of 25MHz to get an image but this was very preliminary. I also experimented with DE modem vs HV mode. It is not the easiest as we only have access to the pins from the CT65535 that were brought out for the original CSTN display.

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