For my initial attempt, I have used the WVGA (800×480) screen taken out of DTN-X680 GPS that I purchased online. Following instructions from I created an adapter to connect the 30pin flat flex of the PC110 to the 40pin flat flex of the X680 display. I then used the CT65535 program from above to update the registers to switch over to the LCD. Generally it works, however I did not spend too much time on this yet as I want to more closely explore a closer matched screen I found (AT050TN22V1). There is a flickering which is not acceptable, I believe this is strictly related to the parameters used for timing / signal output on the ct65535 and not the quality of my wiring and could eventually be corrected. My main issue with this screen is the fact is the wrong aspect ratio and cannot take up the full display window.

The following is a gallery is my various attempts and failures:

The Failure:

If you are reading this page, you already know what this is about, the vinegar syndrome failure of the Citizen L6481L-FF CSTN LCD display on the IBM PC110.

Here are some of the resources I read to try and understand why the screens have failed and what attempts could be made at repair:

Failed Repair Attempt:

I spent some time removing top layer however the second layer would not come off together so I had to spend time carefully scrapping it away.

After I had removed enough I powered the screen up and used a polarizing lense to look for any contents. I was unable to see anything and I noticed some cracks, presumably I caused this while attempting to remove the layers. In any case I called this a failure and ended it here.

I have several more of the failed screens, at a later date I may attempt again carefully removing the “rotten” layers and applying a new polorizing film. Although the tft upgrades are nice, I would like to one day have a working unit with the origional display.

Replacement Module:

I’ve searched high and low, and there does not seem to be a drop-in compatible replacement module. There are some sites that list stock for the citizen origional module, however when I contact them to ask if it is “new old stock” i.e. they have been on a box and likely also failed, they tell me they no longer have it.

So it seems, replacement route involves installing a different display (TFT) along with an adapter. I will explore this route in other posts.