PCB v1

As I have previously mentioned, at times I was having what I suspect were signal integrity issues due to the messy wiring through the adapters, wires, breadboard etc running at 25mhz. I wanted to get a proper connection in place and know the signal quality is okay before investing time in trying to perfect the image on the display.

I am inexperienced with PCB design, and I was being impatient and wanted to get SOMETHING quickly so I was certainly sloppy with this layout and made a gamble on the colour wiring. I am fairly confident the MSB’s are correct, so at a minimum I can cut the other traces to at least use it to see if signal quality has improved and work on physical placement. The pin header is to power the led backlight and tft gate drivers (vcom/vgl/vgh) externally until I can verify what we need to put on the PCB itself. The boards are on the way and will be delivered in a couple days.

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