PC110 Bezel Replica

This is the initial design for the prototype bezel to hold the ZJ050NA-08C

There are some challenges with 3D printing due to how thin some areas are. I expect to receive an SLA print of this on this coming monday, and from there I will look at additional revisions and print another one until it is just right.

With some surface finishing I hope we can get it close to looking factory, but certainly it will be functional from a mechanical perspective.

2 thoughts on “PC110 Bezel Replica

  1. I hope you can post the stl so i could attempt to print this, my concern is also the thinness of the bezel it’s an intracate design i’m amazed of the quality of the drawings you have – they look perfect.. hope the screen fittings go to plan and that 3d pronting is an option – if not i would happily pay for these once the screen and pcb’s are finalised – i wonder though if you should try and replicate the ibm logo into the design much like the original ?

    • The design is not an exact duplicate of the original, it does have changes to accommodate 3D printing limitations. I have made some further changes I have not published yet. The version I printed for testing (in a later post, along with the 3d files) was done on an SLA printer and it is more than strong enough.

      I do plan to put the IBM logo on it, but that will be a final step of silk screening or maybe a it will have to be a sticker, or just painting I don’t know yet.

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