BEZEL Prototype 1

This is version 1 of the prototype. I will add some section to support the metal components, because they are flexible and slightly bent they are not close to the outside, so it makes it hard to put the screws in when closed. I will add a section that forces the metal to be straight and ready to accept a screw.

This SLA of course is not dyed and no surface finishing work has been done.

Update: Here are the files for this attempt:

These are the brass press inserts I used:

3 thoughts on “BEZEL Prototype 1

  1. Would love to have other parts 3 printable like the cable cover top left – this has always been a problem part of the shell for me.. the cover that covers the cable to the screen.. or how about a custom colour full case?

    • Anything is possible. 3D Printing a back cover could be done, however the factory one being metal brings a lot of rigidity to the assembled unit.

      The cable cover, that one could be printed. It snaps in which makes it tricky, but I am sure it is possible.

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