AT050TN022 Size

So progress has been made with the electrical interface, there is still some work to do but I am at the stage of producing the PCB to connect the lines and generate the voltages. This brought the issue of, how much space do I have? and it turns out not really any.

The original Citizen is about 6mm thick except for the driver end where it requires about 9.5mm clearance due to capacitors. For this reason the rear body of the PC110 is expanded out to accomodate.

The AT050TN22 is also about 6mm thick, except where the driver board is attached which I believe is 6.2mm.

The AT050TN022 a useful feature of allowing us to select the horizontal and vertical scanning direction, Pin 39 Left/Right and Pin 40 Up/Down. This allows us to orientate the module in whatever way we need.

So my thought is to fold the ribbon cable so it comes out at the edge where we have additional clearance. the 30pin FPC connector would be on the bottom layer and the 50pin FPC on top layer. With some good planning the required components for generating the driver voltages and controlling backlight could also fit here, but if not there is lots of space on the other side where the old inveter was.

I am unsure if these folds in the ribbon cable may cause signal integrity issues with the 25MHz clock line zigzagging. Some testing will be needed.

With different folding we can position it to accommodate any layout restrictions on the PCB.

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